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Latest competition was at Hamilton Bank Track on 10 June 2017

We had a great turn out on the weekend with over 30 competitors.

Flying Lap Results if there are any missing please pass them on and I'll add them

Scott Moody 17.65 Tisza Sergeant 24.03 Emily Gomez-Delosreyes 42.56
Sam Porch 17.93 Lacey Fellowes 24.18 Nathanial Philip 59.09
Thomas de Meijer 18.06 Thomas Kang 24.66 Jenny Gomez Delosreyes 1:04.09
Lotte Kaars 18.85 Grace Loftus-Flynn 25.50 Gio Kang 1:25.13
Serenity Griffith 19.34 Fran Duggan 26.12  
Josh Hughes 20.05 Ethan Philip 26.44  
Josh Wood 20.44 Zoe Duggan 26.91  
Mark Brill 20.71 Johnathan Merrill 28.47  
Jackson Fellowes 20.75 Maegan Gannon 31.68  
Jake Duggan 21.03 Eunie Park 32.93  
Aryan Wallambe 21.44 Leith Sergeant 33.06  
Ocean Wooley 21.47 Theo Kang 36.53  
Connor Duggan 23.09 Jade Cleeve 40.03  
Novice A
Place 200m 300m 400m
1st Maegan Gannon 33.75 Maegan Gannon 53.19 Maegan Gannon 1:13.71
2nd Eunie Park Eunie Park Emily Gomez-Delosreyes
3rd Emily Gomez-Delosreyes Emily Gomez-Delosreyes  
Novice B
Place 200m 300m 400m
1st Johnathan Merrill 35.47 Johnathan Merrill 48.56 Johnathan Merrill 1:00.28
2nd Leth Sergaent Leth Sergaent Leth Sergaent
3rd Jade Cleeve Theo Kang Theo Kang
Novice C
Place 200m 100m 300m
1st Nathanial Philip Nathanial Philip = Nathanial Philip
= Jenny Gomez Delosreyes
2nd Jenny Gomez Delosreyes Jenny Gomez Delosreyes  
3rd Gio Kang Gio Kang Gio Kang
Place 600m 400m 800m
1st Lacey Fellowes 1:20.47 Lacey Fellowes 53.40 Lacey Fellowes 1:48.31
2nd Grace Loftus-Flynn Grace Loftus-Flynn Grace Loftus-Flynn
3rd Zoe Duggan Zoe Duggan Zoe Duggan
Place 1000m 400m 800m
1st Serenity Grifith 1:53.85 Serenity Grifith 44.16 Serenity Grifith 1:33.09
2nd Josh Wood Josh Wood Jackson Fellowes
3rd Jackson Fellowes Jackson Fellowes Jake Duggan
Masters Novice
Place 1000m 400m 800m 1200m
1st Tisza Sargaent 2:21.78 Tisza Sargaent 53.25 Tisza Sargaent 1:59.62 Tisza Sargaent 3:04.50
2nd Fran Duggan Fran Duggan Fran Duggan Thomas Kang
3rd Thomas Kang Thomas Kang Thomas Kang Fran Duggan
Place 2000m 400m 800m 5000m open
1st Sam Porch 3:30.62 Scott Moody 39.46 Scott Moody 1:17.75 Sam Porch 9:00.15
2nd Scott Moody Thomas de Meijer Sam Porch Lotte Kaars
3rd Thomas de Meijer Josh Hughes Thomas de Meijer Scott Moody

Previous Comps.

10th June 2017 - Bank Track

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