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@ Hamilton Rink Flat Track on 24th June 2017

Unfortunately the rain came and stayed which required us too move onto the indoor flat track, but we still had really good numbers and some from Whanganui and Manawatu still made the trip up which made for a good days racing.

Flying Lap Results

Thomas de Meijer 10.75 Tisza Sergeant 14.15
Josh Hughes 10.81 Fran Duggan 14.38
Scott Moody 10.84 Lorena Aguirre Gonzales 15.04
Chase Morpeth 11.35 Maegan Gannon 15.66
Jake Duggan 11.37 Mel Fellowes 16.16
Paul Cleeve 11.69 Storm Woolley 17.12
Jackson Fellowes 11.72 Leith Sergaent 17.43
Sam Porch 11.85 Brad Duggan 17.84
Ocean Woolley 11.94 Gemma Cleeve 18.18
Yull Hanz Aguiree Gonzales 12.03 Eunie Park 32.93
Marcus Fellowes 12.19 Jade Aitken 18.63
Lacey Fellowes 13.00 Myah Smith 31.25
Zoe Duggan 13.66  
Novice A
Place 300m 400m
1st Maegan Gannon Leith Sargeant
2nd Storm Woolley Maegan Gannon
3rd x Storm Woolley
Novice B
Place 200m 300m
1st Jade Aitken Leth Sergaent
2nd Myah Smith Jade Aitken
3rd x Myah Smith
Place 1000m 400m 800m
1st Lacey Fellowes 2:22.59 Lacey Fellowes 54.53 Lacey Fellowes 1:54.34
2nd Zoe Duggan Zoe Duggan Lorena Aguirre Gonzales
3rd Lorena Aguirre Gonzales Lorena Aguirre Gonzales Zoe Duggan
Place 1500m 400m 800m
1st Chase Morpeth 3:11.34 Chase Morpeth Chase Morpeth 1:42.72
2nd Jackson Fellowes Yull Hanz Aguiree Gonzales Jake Duggan
3rd Jake Duggan Jake Duggan Yull Hanz Aguiree Gonzales
Masters Novice
Place 1000m 400m 800m
1st Fran Duggan Fran Duggan Fran Duggan
2nd Brad Duggan Brad Duggan Mel Fellowes
3rd Mel Fellowes Mel Fellowes Brad Duggan
Place 1500m 400m 800m
1st Paul Cleeve Paul Cleeve Paul Cleeve
2nd Tisza Sargeant Marcus Fellowes Marcus Fellowes
3rd x Tisza Sargeant Tisza Sargeant
Place 2000m 400m 800m
1st Scott Moody Thomas de Meijer Scott Moody
2nd Sam Porch Josh Hughes Thomas de Meijer
3rd Thomas de Meijer Scott Moody Josh Hughes
5000m Open
Place 5000m
1st Scott Moody
2nd Sam Porch
3rd Chase Morpeth

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