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@ Hamilton Rink Flat & Bank Track on 12th August 2017

That's our final fun day completed for the year, another mix of indoor and bank track due to the weather, with a good turn out from Mt Wellington giving us some exciting finishes.

300m TT(indoor) 200m TT(indoor)
Darren Fletcher 34.94 Zoe Duggan 29.06
Scott Moody 35.12 Miley-Jay Hill 29.68
Thomas de Meijer 36.19 Jade Aitken 34.31
Jake Duggan 37.87 Myah Aitken 49.59
Paul Cleeve 37.97  
Josh Wood 38.32  
Yull-Hanz Aguirre Gonzales 38.47  
Mark Brill 39.00  
Rebecca Wood 41.91  
Lacey Fellowes 42.43  
Grace Loftus-Flynn 43.41  
Fran Duggan 43.57  
Mel Fellowes 52.31  
Gemma Cleeve 54.16  
Place 1000m 600m 400m
1st Miley-Jay Hill Miley-Jay Hill Miley-Jay Hill
2nd Zoe Duggan Zoe Duggan Zoe Duggan
3rd Maegan Gannon Leith Sargeant Leith Sargeant
Place 1000m 400m 800m
1st Lacey Fellowes Lacey Fellowes Lacey Fellowes
2nd Rebecca Wood Rebecca Wood Rebecca Wood
3rd Grace Loftus-Flynn Grace Loftus-Flynn Grace Loftus-Flynn
Place 1500m 400m 800m
1st Jake Duggan Josh Wood Josh Wood
2nd Yull-Hanz Aguirre Gonzales Yull-Hanz Aguirre Gonzales Yull-Hanz Aguirre Gonzales
3rd Josh Wood Jake Duggan Jake Duggan
Masters Novice
Place 1000m 400m 800m
1st Gemma Cleeve Gemma Cleeve Gemma Cleeve
2nd Mel Fellowes Mel Fellowes Mel Fellowes
3rd x x x
Place 1000m 400m 800m
1st Paul Cleeve Paul Cleeve Paul Cleeve
2nd Mark Brill Mark Brill Mark Brill
3rd Fran Duggan Fran Duggan Fran Duggan
Place 2000m 400m 800m
1st Scott Moody Darren Fletcher Scott Moody = Thomas de Meijer
2nd Darren Fletcher Thomas de Meijer  
3rd Josh Hughes Scott Moody Josh Hughes
5000m Open (rain forced stoppage @ 3500m)
Place 5000m
1st Scott Moody
2nd Josh Wood
3rd Josh Hughes
4th Jake Duggan
5th Thomas de Meijer
6th Yull-Hanz Aguirre Gonzales
7th Mark Brill
8th Connor Duggan
9th Paul Cleeve

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